We, at “AURA” believe in designs which are user friendly, functional and aesthetically appealing. As our name suggests we try to create an aura around our buildings creating a positive and pleasant feeling to its occupants. From exteriors to interiors we follow this principle and always try to enhance the quality of space playing with light, colours, patterns etc. We strongly feel that each and every space that we create has the potential to redefine our lifestyle. We try to enhance the quality of living of the occupants through our design.


Chief Architect and Partner

Graduated from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in 2000 and having a Masters degree in planning with specialisation on Housing, she has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Planning. She is strong believer of the principle “Form follows function”. She considers herself blessed to have worked with Ar.Jayachandran, one of the stalwarts of Architecture in Kerala who practised this principle all through his works. Being the Chief Architect with Jayachandran and Associates till 2013, she has worked for various public sector institutions like Technopark, Infopark, Cyberpark, Kinfra, kSIDC etc and for various private sector organisations and individuals. She has led the design team for various prestigious projects such as Master plan for Technocity, Master Plan and Design of IT building for Technopark, Kollam, Infoaprk Ambalappuzha, Asset Signature, Trinity World, Mather Elcastillo to name a few. She became a partner of AURA ARCHITECTS when it was installed in 2010 and later on joined the firm fully from 2013 onwards.


Chief Engineer and Managing Partner

Graduated from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in Civil engineering, he has more than 15 yeras of experience in the field of construction and project management. He is a chartered Engineer and also member of Indian Institute of Engineers and Fellow of Indian Institute of Valuers. He has been working with leading Architects in Trivandrum such as Ar.Ashok, Ar.Jayachandran, Ar. Chandramohan and also with some of the leading builders in Cochin. In 2010 along with Ar.Veena Dathan he started the firm AURA ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS.